Who knows what the future holds ?
We sure as hell do.... and the future of Sidekick Boy holds the following gigs...
take a guess
dotty The Sods have promised us a gig, playing with....

  The Sods.... we hate sidekick boy
  The Rats.... do you wanna root?
  Vetch & Zelda.... woohoo! (no lyrics supplied)

** Coming soon, in January **

dotty We offered ourselves a gig at our housewarming, which still hasn't happened. And given that our lease expires on the 22nd of January, it probably won't happen. I think we may hire a hall, and have it there.
dotty We're still waiting for Jed Rezebel to beg us to open for them. Of course we'll deny them this, but this still deserves to be in the gig section. We figure they owe us big time.... They'll pay... oh yes they will.
take a guess
If you would like to change our future, and offer us a gig, first. Ask yourself, 'Is my band shit?'... Actually, we don't care, just give us a gig anyway.

Sure, I'll give you a gig!