Hey there...

At the request of someone who has been crossed, we've set this page up to outlet some frustrations.  If you find yourself on this page, I'd be apologising quicksmart.  We hold grudges. Without further ado, here is the people who need to look out...

1. Dan

Dan dan, the evil man...

This be Dan.  A pen pal of Carla's.   Unfortunately, he has turned evil, and decided not to write to her lately.   This can't happen!!!  He shall stay up on this page till he re-affirms his faith to Carla, and recites 10 'Bite my weiner, weiner boy's.  Evil evil lad.

2. Red Jezebel

They need no introduction.  We first met at the Campus Band Comp.   We were beaten, but thats not what cheezes us off.  We were beaten by a Team Jedi rip off band.  Yessir.  How lame arse.  They also sat at the side of the stage and laffed at us while playing.  Unthinkable.  We were content to silently hate them, until we got word that they had dissed us on stage, by apparently imitating us, and quoting 'Hi, we're sidekick boy, and we suck'... I mean, come on... maturity please ??  Of course we suck, it says so here.  As a result of their actions, Vern has blacklisted them.  And they also earn their spot here.  Ps, their homepage sucks :)

3. Eskimo Joe

For sucking, and stealing the Parappa the Rappa theme... DIE!!!!!

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*** Please Read This ***

  All opinions stated here are just that... our opinions... We are entitled to have them, and to display them here. If you disagree, fine. You are quite welcome to set up your own page and display your opionions about the bands listed here, or about us. Please, go ahead. We don't hold ourselves in very high regard, so you can tell us in no uncertain terms how crap we are. This is here, because it has got back to us that certain people are upset about our views. Namely, Red Jezebel and Eskimo Joe, as well as other Perth bands. It seems that they are lessening their opinions of us... We're fine with that. Just remember that this was started because of your 'un sportsmanlike' activity towards us at the campus band comp, and at one of your gigs (we're talking to YOU Red Jezebel...) If you choose to publicly degrade us, we will do the same.. and it seems like its working... DEAL WITH IT!

** Sidekick Boy reserve the right to bag the hell out of whoever starts a war with them **