These were all taken about 4 days before the final entry date for the Campus Band Competition.  We needed to send in a band picture, and twas quite simple.  We didn't have one.  So we all met up in fremantle, and walked around, asking people to take pictures of us.  Tho sometimes we just sat the camera on the floor and hoped for the best.  Anyhoo, here are the jems of the bunch
Click on the picture for a bigger version.

Us looking down

an arrow Ahem.  Yes well.  Like I said.  Put the camera on the ground, all look down, and hope for the best.
I don't think we hoped enough...

that line again

Meet the family

another line!!

Perth type people should recognise this famous cow.  Its Jim (haha). 
Yea, umm thanks to the wendys type person who left the counter to take this.
arrow again

Check out the nerd!!

arrow alert! This is the one we sent in.  Does anyone spot the subtle humour here ?
Mmm yea, there really isn't much to say.  Why comment these pics ??

line up!

hairs us again...

lines are fun

I think this one was spiffy, but got out voted.
Taken in the back of a hairdressers, by pointing the camera at the mirror, and hoping i was aiming right.   Well I like it anyhoo.
arrows arrows arrows


arrow alert! Heh, ummm... We are kidding, trust us.  This is us, with our <sarcasm>favourite</sarcasm> cd's.  Paul has Warren G.  Tara has Alicia's Attic, Jim has the Spice Girls, and Brett has Whigfield.  I don't think the girl behind the counter knew we were taking the piss out of her store...

line up!

tre` wittee....

lines are fun

This could have been good, but randomness stuffed it.  The camera was sitting on a pile of books, so we couldn't aim it too well.  And a passer by tried to be the 5th member.  I cut him out (fight the power) arrows arrows arrows
lines are fun

Last but not least, another impressive attempt that fell short.  (mental note : The windowsill we rested the camera on was a bit too low.)  Thanks to coles for the trolley, and gravity for not dumping us on our heads.

its below you....