These were all taken ages ago, while we were *ahem* kindof drunk.
Which explains the antics.  Yea well enjoy
Click on the picture for a bigger version.

grounding the matter

an arrow Yes well, its quite obvious what we are doing... plain to see...
We are, umm.... Ok fine, none of us can remember.

that line again

standing up for ourselves

another line!!

ha! This one is fine.  For some reason, we are all doing handstands.  Yea.
Oh by the way, the flasher there is Jim, middle lad is Brett, and the uncoordinated one is Paul.
arrow again


arrow alert! Well, here is all three of us...
looking respectable and happy in traffic cones.. naturally

line up!

hands off!

lines are fun

Here are Brett and Paul
Guarding alcohol, after being chased by the cops... shame!!
arrows arrows arrows