Thanks to CC the photographer, and her trusty scanner, here are some of the latest pics, including Joel, for once. This was an abysmal practice session, where we didn't make it through a single song without stuffing up. Don't you see the disappointment on our faces ??


an arrow *Sob*
This is when we realise that we won't be supporting Korn.

that line again


another line!!

Wow, these two pics are pretty similar..
I probably should have put them further apart..
arrow again

Nice shirt, bucko

arrow alert! Jim checking out how the next bit of the song goes..
Not that it mattered, everyone else forgot.

line up!


lines are fun

The Dark Lord himself... Joel...
arrows arrows arrows

waisting away

arrow alert! Another bitchin' solo being wailed off on a cherry axe.
No, wait... I think we're playing Jet Baby... close enough.

line up!

studly muffins

lines are fun

A pretty stock standard shot. Everyone looking at their feet.
Actually, its cause the structure of the songs is written on paper on the floor,
or in Jim's case, on his guitar. Sue us.
arrows arrows arrows

lines are fun

Jim... grinning...
Either we just screwed up, or he saw that a photo was going to be taken.
Please note the amusing block mount, but don't tell our parents.

Our influences are showing