New News - dotty We are doing NOTHING... nothing at all. Paul is sortof back, but living in Collie for a while, and we all live far far away from each other, so practicing is a bit tricky. Thats the excuse anyway. Everything is on hold for a while.
dotty Well, Paul has nipped off to Nippon for a few months. Ho Ho. (Yes, that was a purposely bad pun.) Ok, Paul has gone to Japan for 3 months, so things are on hold for a bit. We'll try to practise while he's away, and write some new stuff. Also, we should do some work on this film clip for some Perth video that Grug and Matt Knight are doing. Other than that, things are pretty normal. We're moving out of the Sidekick Mansion on the 22nd of Feb. Still haven't had a housewarming.
dotty Howdy.. MAJOR Update time... All new design, fun. This is thanks to the good people at Murdoch Uni, for giving me exams, for which I needed to procrastinate about, hence, time to update the Sidekick Boy page. Thanks to all the web pages I stole code from. Enjoy the new videos, information, and crappy graphics... Oh, and thanks to CC for designing the lovely metal logo on the main page. What more could we ask for.
dotty Hey hey!  Sorta update time.. It might be time for a complete redesign, cause of so much new stuff needing to be added.  Anyway, we have these great videos for you to look at.  Get at them via the sound page
dotty Also, I should link to a great new band.... Larisa Oleynik... we love these guys.  Mainly cause they're pretty much us.  Oh, and go see The Poshs, too... cause they're great also.  Thats about all the plugging for now, till Joel buys some new equipment, and forms a band with his brother.
dotty Ok. Due to a bit of backlash about our hatred page, I've had to put up a bit of a rant about the situation. On the plus side, it seems that this site is more popular than we thought. That might explain why we are #3 in WA, according to the AMC Charts. Weird. Why don't you people sign the damn guestbook ??
Old News - dotty So much new stuff! Its about a week to the Campus Band Comp. We're not ready. Dagnabit. Come see us!!! Also, I just got Real Encoder, so we now have a couple of real audio files up here. Just the old stuff repackaged... give us time. Ok, I lied. There aint much new stuff... don't hate me.
dotty Ok, I'm very rude... I have to say thanks to a couple of people..

It seems Meek has decided to mention and link to us, so YAY for CC. She's so good to us poor souls.
Also, The Sods have latched onto us... Yes, we aint tuff.. don't hold it against us. *sniff* Thanks guys...
Uhh, Bubblehead link to us too, but only cause I asked them nicely :)
I think thats about all for now... *sob* Thanks guys.


Yea... we are now no longer dependent on Geocities...
This page should be faster now... and no ads..
Good stuff all round...

We still want the email tho, so shhhhhh :)
Hope you enjoy the lack of ads!

dotty I put in a little voting thing, to try to get us into the charts :) Very lame, I know... but I was bored, OK! Anyway, its not like anyone ever comes here anyway... I'm also thinking of shifting this dang thing off GeoShitties, cause it is very crap here... ads and so forth... hrm... i dunno... I'll leave it for a bit.
dotty We've sorta dumped most of our songs. How sad. We're keeping the four or so good ones, and writing all new, drummable songs, for joels benefit. So far they've all been 5-6 minute long made up on the spot art wank type songs. *shrug*. I guess they'll do.
dotty Just a quick note. Check out the Hatred Page to see who we hate the most right now, and why. Woohoo.
dotty OK.. It seems we've been ripped off again... *sigh* ... please compare these two photos, and see for yourself... Plutonic Girl Sidekick Boy Now come on... you have to see the simularity there. Ours was taken, like months and months earlier. Will it ever end ??? I guess if Plutonic Girl want to idolise us, rip off our name, rip off our photos, they can go ahead. Just don't start covering Weiner boy, ok ????
dotty Ok.. we haven't been playing much, but Joel has almost got a full drum kit. Just missing a few items. We put it to use the other day, and recorded a crappy cover onto our answering machine... call up and listen!! umm yea, the first minute of it is located on the rockin' sounds page... Enjoy
dotty Yea!! Paul and Brett went on a spending spree, and dragged home two massive and spiffy amps. Now we have a reason to play, and get better. A tentative date for our next gig is the housewarming, in a month or two. Wahoo!!!
dotty Aside from the brand new drummer, Joel, we all live together now. It hasn't helped our playing much. Paul is thinking of buying a decent amp, and Brett is about to do the same. Jim is still un-amped. Joel now has drums, but no hi-hat, or cymbals. Oh well, you get that. We still havent played together yet, but sooooon soooon.
dotty We're thinking of trying to get on the next Antfarm Compilation, but the deadline may have passed, and we have nothing to record on. Maybe next year.
dotty Sadly, the In The Pines selection crew decided against Sidekick Boy playing this year, despite our having planted someone. Yes, a friend of the bands sister is bonking Mark Genge. Scandal.
dotty We were asked by miss Carla 'Cedra' Stagles to employ her as a singer, but things didn't pan out, due to other commitments and conflicts of interest :( Dagnabit, more singing for brett and jim :(

- Thats about it... Stay tuned for more -